Welcome to The Business of Myo Course - October 2023

Unpacking everything you need to run a successful myofunctional therapy practice


Take Your Myo Practice To The Next Level

Join Melissa Mugno, Dave Henrichsen, and Sarah Hornsby for an in-depth, nine-week course designed to help you move from knowing how to do myofunctional therapy to becoming a successful myofunctional therapist.

Bigger and Better - Nine Weeks of Focused Learning

Four teaching sessions and five Q&A sessions to make sure that you can apply all the course content to your practice.

So much of running a successful and profitable myo practice comes down to getting the business aspects right. This is your chance to learn from two therapists that have been there and done that. Melissa and Dave have built thriving practices, and in this course, they'll share how you can do the same.

What's This Course All About?

Dave and Melissa recorded this video about the course.


A Live And Interactive Course Structure

MyoMentor has always stood out for its live and interactive courses. This course follows the same model.

It isn't prerecorded! You'll get to attend the course sessions live to get all the benefits of an interactive teaching style with plenty of time for questions and answers and general discussion.

This is the perfect formula for motivation, support, and accountability. 

No other course draws on this amount of practical and proven business knowledge.

Dave, Melissa, and Sarah aren't just hugely experienced myofunctional therapists. They've also built their own successful myo businesses to suit the specific lifestyles they want.

Includes Our Brand-New SimplePractice Course!

As part of this course, you'll also get access to our new SimplePractice For Myofunctional Therapists Course.

The Business of Myo Course Overview

There will be four 90-minute lectures and five 60-minute Q&A discussion calls.

Each is held on a Friday at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern.

The dates are:

#1 - Oct 13th - Module One - How To Stand Out (webinar).

#2 - Oct 20th - Module Two - How To Build A Myo Business Plan (webinar).

#3 - Nov 3rd - Q&A Discussion Call - What is your Why? Building Your Business Plan.

#4 - Nov 10th - Module Three - The Mechanics Of Business Development (webinar).

#5 - Nov 17th - Module Four - How To Build Confidence And Find Your Voice (webinar).

#6 - Dec 1st - Q&A Discussion Call - Implementation & Where Do I Go From Here?

#7 - Jan 5th - 30-day Q&A Discussion Call.

#8 - Feb 2nd - 60-day Q&A Discussion Call.

#9 - March 1st - 90-day Q&A Discussion Call.

Module One - October 13th - How To Stand Out

We all need to stand out in our field. This module will cover everything you need to know! We'll go over choosing your niche, picking your ideal work environment, and building your perfect myo practice for the life you want to live.

We'll also look at capitalizing on your strengths and building on your weaknesses, finding ways to get more done, creating a growth mindset, as well as identifying and eliminating the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Module Two - October 20th - How To Build A Myo Business Plan

A well-thought-out and effective business plan is one of the cornerstones of your future myo success. You can only hit a target by knowing what you're aiming at!

This module will give you all the necessary information to create effective short, medium, and long-term business plans from scratch. We'll also cover marketing strategies, negotiating prices, and creating an income stream that funds your ideal lifestyle.


Module Three - November 3rd - The Mechanics Of Business Development

Having a plan is critical, but this module will show you the practical steps you need to take to meet and exceed your goals.

We'll cover everything from what software to use, note taking and record keeping, creating insurance superbills, managing your communication with doctors and patients, and more.

We'll also cover risk management, dealing with unforeseen costs, and navigating income fluctuations.

Module Four - November 10th - How To Build Confidence And Find Your Voice

The difference between doing myofunctional therapy and being a successful myofunctional business owner is finding your unique voice and setting yourself apart. 

That's why Module Four is all about building your confidence to develop meaningful and productive relationships with other healthcare professionals, expand your referral networks, and connect with and sign up more patients.

Q&A Content

We'll be running five Q&A Discussion Calls!

You’ll be able to join us to get your questions answered and get the guidance you need to implement everything you learned during the course.

Plus, you'll get access to the three most recent recordings from Dave's popular MyoMentor Newbie Study Group.

These Study Groups are filled with practical and effective information that's perfect for any therapist who wants to grow their practice.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You're a myofunctional therapist who wants to grow your myo practice.
  • You need to develop strategies for success and an effective business plan.
  • You want to break through the limiting beliefs that are holding your myo practice back.
  • You want to find your unique voice as a confident and capable myofunctional therapist.
  • You want to improve your professional relationships and build better referral networks.
  • You want to reduce your stress levels and find more joy in your career.  

Your Key Course Takeaways

Earn More Money

You'll learn practical techniques that you can immediately start to implement in your practice. This knowledge will help you see more patients, build better networks, and scale your practice so that you can earn the income you need for the life you want to live.

Offer Exceptional Service

With a carefully-considered business plan, you'll understand what needs to be done to take your practice to the next level, and you'll have the tools, techniques, and targets to deliver the kind of healthcare that changes lives and makes a real impact.

Work-Life Balance

Your business tools and techniques can make or break your myo practice. A lack of systems and processes can consume your time and drain your energy. Dave and Melissa will teach you from their own experiences how to fully optimize your practice.

"Dave is awesome. I learned so much from his Study Group. I love how he makes everything so easy to understand!!"

Jenny N
2021 MyoMentor Graduate

"I valued the application of SimplePractice as well as the question and answer opportunity with Melissa and Dave. The work flow was very helpful in these modules."

Previous Business of Myo Course Student

"I think Dave does a great job with his practice and I feel so blessed that he is willing to share his knowledge with us! You did a great job with this class!"

Previous Business of Myo Course Student

"Love his enthusiasm and knowledge and I like her transparency and relatability."

Previous Business of Myo Course Student

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Start Building Your Ideal Myo Practice Today!

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The Business of Myo Course


Open to all healthcare professionals with myofunctional therapy training.


Your Presenters and Host

Melissa Mugno

Course Presenter

Melissa is a pioneer within the modern myofunctional and airway-focused movement. Since being introduced to alternative orthodontic systems and appliances in 2009, she has never looked back.
Spending the first part of her career educating and training patients and staff in the offices she was directing, it became clear that there was work to be done in advancing the functional airway movement.
She decided to leave her role in private practice and began the journey of becoming a myofunctional therapist in 2013. Her passion for patient and provider education has allowed her to lecture around the country, bringing her high energy and drive to the field.


Dave Henrichsen, RDH

Course Presenter

Three years of leading Myomentor newbie study clubs, building the Seattle Myo Study club, and coaching new myofunctional therapists has brought Dave a deep understanding of the challenges new therapists face. His experience building a thriving myo practice - first in a dental practice, then transitioning to an independent, stand-alone business enables him to be not only an example of success but also one who has fought through the challenges of small business ownership.

He will walk you through the challenges of building your own myo practice by breaking the complicated work down into small manageable, and achievable steps. One of Dave’s superpowers is taking complex ideas and making them simple and easy to understand. Join Dave as we travel together to discover and assemble our lives filled with health, happiness, joy, success, and prosperity.


Sarah Hornsby

Course Host

Sarah is a myofunctional therapist, educator, and internationally recognized speaker from Carefree, Arizona.

Over the past decade, her practice, Faceology, has transformed from an in-person, conventional myofunctional therapy clinic to an all-online telehealth practice employing multiple therapists.

She created MyoMentor in 2015 to train and mentor healthcare professionals who want to integrate myofunctional therapy into their practices. Over 1,100 professionals have graduated from her program since then.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is held as a Zoom webinar. All you need to join the course is a Zoom account and the Zoom App on your device.

There are four teaching modules and five Q&A sessions. Each is held on a Friday at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern.

There will be four 90-minute lectures and five 60-minute Q&A Discussion Calls.

The dates are:

#1 - Oct 13th - Module One - How To Stand Out (webinar).

#2 - Oct 20th - Module Two - How To Build A Myo Business Plan (webinar).

#3 - Nov 3rd - Q & A Discussion Call - What is your Why? Building Your Business Plan.

#4 - Nov 10th - Module Three - The Mechanics Of Business Development (webinar).

#5 - Nov 17th - Module Four - How To Build Confidence And Find Your Voice (webinar).

#6 - Dec 1st - Q & A Discussion Call - Implementation & Where Do I Go From Here?

#7 - Jan 5th - 30-day Discussion Call.

#8 - Feb 2nd - 60-day Discussion Call.

#9 - March 1st - 90-day Discussion Call.

Any health professional who works as an orofacial myofunctional therapist or uses myofunctional therapy techniques in their practice can take this course.

The recording and any course material will be available to you for one year from the end date of the course.


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