Welcome to the Deep Dive into SimplePractice Course

An on-demand course with Dave Henrichsen and Melissa Mugno


Master SimplePractice

Join Dave Henrichsen and Melissa Mugno for an in-depth, four-part instructional course that's perfect for any healthcare professional who wants to use SimplePractice at a high-level in their practice.

What's This Course All About?


Manage and Grow Your Own Practice, All In One Place

The course consists of four comprehensive modules, each with multiple pre-recorded videos.  

This on-demand course is meant to be taken at your own pace. 

Module One - Setting Up The SimplePractice System

Module Two - Setting Up Intake Documents

Module Three - Setting Up Chart Notes

Module Four - Using SimplePractice For Therapy


Module One - Setting Up SimplePractice System

In this module, we'll be covering everything you need to know about creating your SimplePractice Profile.

Dave will teach you how to open an account, create codes for services, and how to utilize your practice tab.

Module Two - Setting Up Intake Documents

This module will take an in-depth look at document creation, medical history, consent forms, and payment agreements. 


Module Three - Setting Up Chart Notes

This module will cover how to conduct each step of therapy through SimplePractice.

Dave will walk you through video examples of new patient evaluations, session progress notes, session six check-in's and final session reports. 


Module Four - Using SimplePractice For Therapy

In this module, we'll be covering how to add patient payments and distribute funds.

Dave will walk you through how to conduct your first video appointment, and how to chart/schedule appointments going forward. 

This Course Is For You If:

  • You're an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, or a healthcare professional interested in starting or expanding your own business.¬†
  • You want to learn more about how the world of telehealth therapy works.¬†
  • You want¬†clear and concise expertise on how to grow your business with this powerful online platform.¬†
  • You'd like¬†assistance with billing, scheduling, insurance, client portals, documentation, and organization for your online practice.¬†
  • You want to offer your patients an even higher standard of care.

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A Deep Dive Into SimplePractice



Your Instructor and Host

Dave Henrichsen

Course Instructor

Three years of leading Myomentor newbie study clubs, building the Seattle Myo Study club, and coaching new myofunctional therapists has brought Dave a deep understanding of the challenges new therapists face.

His experience building a thriving myo practice - first in a dental practice, then transitioning to an independent, stand-alone business enables him to be not only an example of success but also one who has fought through the challenges of small business ownership.

One of Dave’s superpowers is taking complex ideas and making them simple and easy to understand. And with a platform as complex and powerful as SimplePractice, that skill set is invaluable!

Melissa Mugno

Course Host

Melissa is a pioneer within the modern myofunctional and airway-focused movement. Since being introduced to alternative orthodontic systems and appliances in 2009, she has never looked back.
Spending the first part of her career educating and training patients and staff in the offices she was directing, it became clear that there was work to be done in advancing the functional airway movement.
She decided to leave her role in private practice and began the journey of becoming a myofunctional therapist in 2013. Her passion for patient and provider education has allowed her to lecture around the country, bringing her high energy and drive to the field.



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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an on demand course meant to be taken at your own pace. You'll find recorded videos, supplemental materials, and links to everything you'll need to navigate the course. 

Any health professional who wants to better understand and master SimplePractice will benefit from this course.

The recordings and any course material will be available to you for one year from your enrollment date.


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