Therapy Skills


Once you've gone through the MyoMentor 12 Week Program, you've already got a solid foundation for how to structure a myofunctional therapy program, how to work with patients, how to teach exercises, and how to take a patient through a comprehensive myofunctional therapy evaluation.

But what happens when you are ready for more? That's where the NEXT LEVEL program comes in!

Here are just a few of the topics we'll be covering in the NEXT LEVEL program when it comes to enhancing and perfecting your skills as a myofunctional therapist.


  • Advanced techniques for addressing compensations
  • Unconventional tools and props that I use with patients when I get stuck or need extra help
  • Advanced implementation of the Myo Munchee and tools for working with kids 5 years and under
  • Trouble-shooting common roadblocks during therapy such as lack of compliance or chronically missed sessions
  • Working with difficult cases and complex symptoms
  • How to make online therapy successful
  • Online myofunctional evaluations


There is so much more to myofunctional therapy than what I can teach in my 12 Week Mentoring Program - take your therapy skills to the NEXT LEVEL with us today!