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Did You Know That SLPs Can Join The MyoMentor 12-Week Course?

We get fantastic feedback from the SLPs who take our myo training.

Myofunctional therapy for speech-language pathologists has been a part of the MyoMentor 12 Week Course for a long time.


While most of the students in our myofunctional therapy training course are dentists, hygienists, and orthodontists, there have always been a few speech-language pathologists (SLPs) taking the course. However, in the last year or so, there's been a real surge of interest in myofunctional therapy from SLPs, which has resulted in increasing numbers of them joining the course. 


We get great ongoing feedback from SLPs who have graduated from the 12 Week Course. They're usually delighted with the experience, and they often go on to refer their colleagues to the program.  

Isn't MyoMentor A Dental-Focused Course?

We often get asked if the MyoMentor course is a good fit for SLPs given that it's taught from a dental perspective. It turns out that this seems to be precisely what SLPs are looking for in a myo course. 


This dental-focused course offers a very different approach to healthcare for SLPs, giving them valuable knowledge and understanding of essential elements of the dental world. This is especially true for tongue-ties and sleep-disordered breathing, which are concerns that affect many of the patients an SLP will see in their practice.  


Understanding the dental approach to myofunctional therapy gives SLPs additional protocols and techniques and helps them know when to refer their patients to other health professionals such as ENTs, dentists, and orthodontists. It's also invaluable to understand how appliances and ortho treatment can be combined with myofunctional therapy exercises for the best overall results.  

Find Out More About The MyoMentor 12 Week Course

MyoMentor leads the way in research, innovation, and modern myofunctional therapy.


Three Comprehensive Modules - 30 Hours Of Learning

Module One

Module One goes into depth about the identification and assessment of orofacial myofunctional symptoms. We see mouth breathing, tongue thrusts, and tongue-ties every day in our patients, but this course is designed to let you see these symptoms through a different lens.

Tethered oral tissues (tongue, lip, and buccal ties) can be subtle and difficult to identify and classify. But by the end of this module, you'll have gained valuable and practical knowledge and will be able to identify these symptoms and others.

Learning to understand and identify breathing and soft tissue dysfunctions is critical - you have to know what to look for in order to treat it.


Module Two

Module Two is when we get into treatment and therapy. You’ll learn essential exercises for successful therapy using targeted and precise techniques that have been proven in clinical practice. 

Successful outcomes are about more than just teaching the exercises. The evaluation process is just as important as therapy, and that's covered here as well.

The MyoMentor approach aims to make therapy as easy and attainable as possible for our patients. This improves compliance and assures consistent results without overwhelming the patient.


Module Three

Module Three focuses on everything you need to know to bring myofunctional therapy into your practice, including referring to dentists, orthodontists, and the other healthcare professionals who should be part of your multidisciplinary team.

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A Testimonial From One Of Our SLP Graduates

"Sarah Hornsby’s MyoMentor program gave me the tools I needed to implement oral myofunctional therapy into my current speech-language pathology private practice. Her comprehensive training included the latest research, an emphasis on pediatrics as well as adults, and a practical way to implement learned material. Professionals in this field will continue to grow with Sarah’s natural ability to collaborate with a variety of professionals from various medical backgrounds. With this collaborative mindset, patients will receive comprehensive care. MyoMentor was exactly what I needed for my current practice. "

Deborah Horan, M.S. CCC-SLP
MyoMentor Graduate

Your Instructor

Sarah Hornsby 

Sarah is a myofunctional therapist, educator, and internationally recognized speaker from Carefree, Arizona.

Over the past decade, her practice, Faceology, has transformed from an in-person, conventional myofunctional therapy clinic to an all-online, telehealth practice employing multiple therapists.

She created MyoMentor in 2015 to train and mentor healthcare professionals who want to integrate myofunctional therapy into their practices. Over 1,00 professionals have graduated from her program since then.


Apply To Join The Course

I'm super excited to have you on board!

This course can change the way you think about the airway and how it relates to your practice.

My goal is to help all of my students reach their career and success goals. If you’re not successful, then I don’t consider myself to be successful!

I want you to get as much as you can out of our time working together, and to have a lot of fun doing it. I want this learning experience to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 12 weeks long and consists of three modules covering over 30 hours of learning

Calls will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern.

Each call is 60-75 minutes long depending on how many questions are asked.

Each call is done like a webinar on Zoom - you'll see Sarah and the team on video, but you won't be on video yourself. All the resources including videos, documents, and audio recordings are hosted on this website.

Every call is recorded so you'll have the opportunity to watch the video at a later stage. You don't need to attend each call live - if you can't make one you can watch the recording later.


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