Community Collaboration


When I first became a myofunctional therapist back in 2010, I longed for a community. I wanted to network, meet, and just hangout with people who actually understood my profession and valued me as a provider! I felt super alone back in those days, and I don't want any new myofunctional therapist to face those same challenges - it's really not fun!

So, now that my career has transformed over the years, and I've had so many incredible opportunities to collaborate with other amazing professionals, I have formed my own network and community that I want to share with you.

I want to open up those connections and opportunities to other myofunctional therapists who are ready to take their community and collaboration skills to the NEXT LEVEL!

Here are some of the incredible organizations and people that I get to work with everyday, that I'd like to help you collaborate with in a bigger way:

  • The Breathe Institute and Dr Soroush Zaghi
  • Dr Richard Baxter, the author of Tongue-Tied and founder of the Alabama Tongue-Tie Center
  • The AAPMD and AAMPD Liason volunteer group
  • Myo Munchee and Dr Mary Bourke
  • Myo Focus and Dr Dan Hanson and Donny Mandrawa
  • and Dr Mark Burhenne
  • Patrick McKeown, author of Close Your Mouth and The Oxygen Advantage
  • Sharon Moore, author of Sleep Wrecked Kids
  • Dr Howard Stupak, author of Rethinking Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery
  • Kristie Gatto, author of Understanding the Orofacial Complex
  • Dr Derek Mahony, orthodontist and international lecturer

There are so many others, I can't list them all! If you are ready to take your collaboration skills to the NEXT LEVEL, I want to help open up more doors for you.