Beyond Nose Breathing - Going Deeper into Functional Breathing

A New Look at Functional Breathing

Join Dr. Dan Hanson and Sarah Hornsby for an in-depth, four-part discussion about functional breathing and its impact on dentistry, myofunctional therapy, and our overall health and wellness.

Course Description

Session One: An Overview of Dysfunctional Breathing

In Session One, we'll be covering everything you need to know about functional vs. dysfunctional breathing. Dan will teach you how to identify the subtler signs and symptoms of dysfunctional breathing beyond just mouth breathing.

Session Two: The Root Causes of Dysfunctional Breathing

In Session Two, Dan will be covering the underlying causes of dysfunctional breathing. He'll also take an in-depth look at over-breathing, oxygenation, CO2, Nitric Oxide, and the role the autonomic nervous system plays in our stress response and our sleep-breathing cycles.

Session Three: Management of Breathing Dysfunction

In Session Three, we'll get practical with breathing retraining exercises you can teach your patients, and we'll go into the Buteyko Breathing Method. Dan will cover research, neuroplasticity, treatment options, and key takeaways you can immediately begin to implement in your practice with both children and adults.

Session Four: Bonus Content

When Dr Dan originally presented this material he did not expect to include so much extra content! However, once the course got started he decided to add much more material related to the practical application and implementation of the breathing exercises. We needed an entire extra session to cover it all!

Get 5.5 CE credits from this course!

Key Takeaways

Practical Exercises

You'll learn specific and effective breathing exercises and techniques that you can immediately start to implement in your practice.

Buteyko Breathing

Understand the Buteyko Breathing Method and it's application to dentistry, myofunctional therapy, anxiety, sleep, and overall health and wellness.

Dentistry Applications

Dr. Dan is a dentist who has very successfully implemented breathing re-education, myofunctional therapy, and frenectomies info his practice.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You're a myofunctional therapist or a healthcare professional who's interested in myofunctional therapy.
  • You're an airway-focused dentist or orthodontist.
  • You're a healthcare provider who's interested in learning more about sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea.
  • You're interested in whole-body health and wellness, and the root causes of many modern health conditions.

Beyond Nose Breathing Registration

This course was originally offered as a live presentation in August 2019. We are now re-releasing the recorded sessions for purchase in 2020. Enjoy!

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Your Presenters

Dr Dan Hanson

Course Presenter

Dr Dan Hanson is a myofunctional orthodontist and a qualified Buteyko Institute Method (BIM) practitioner registered with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH). He's based on the Gold Coast of Australia.

His practice is focused on laser frenectomies in all ages including infants, and myofunctional orthodontics using the Myofocus System, of which he is co-founder.

He’s a passionate educator and international speaker, co-founder of The Tongue Tie Institute, and also the inventor of the sleepYstrip nasal breathing tape.

Sarah Hornsby

Course Host

Sarah Hornsby is a myofunctional therapist, educator, and internationally recognized speaker from Seattle, Washington.

Over the past decade, her practice, Faceology, has transformed from an in-person, conventional myofunctional therapy clinic to an all-online, telehealth practice employing multiple therapists.

She created MyoMentor in 2015 to train and mentor hygienists and dentists who want to integrate myofunctional therapy into dental practices. Over 150 dental professionals have graduated from her mentoring program since then.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is available for purchase at any time. It was originally offered as a three-part course that took place on August 20th, August 27th, and September 4th, 2019.

The sessions will run for 90 minutes each.

Yes! This course is eligible for 5.5 hours of Continuing Education credits.

The content will be made available to you for one year from the date you purchase the program.

Buteyko breathing, (pronounced Bu-tay-ko), also known as the Buteyko Breathing Technique is a method that uses exercises to treat asthma and other breathing-related health conditions. It’s basically a way to help people regain functional breathing patterns. It goes hand in hand with myofunctional therapy because the focus in both modalities is nasal breathing.

It’s a treatment approach that I draw on extensively in my practice, so I know it works well for a number of the conditions and symptoms I treat. It really is the perfect complement to myofunctional therapy and dentistry.


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