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Graduate Testimonials 

"The MyoMentor 12 week program, taught by Sarah Hornsby, has literally changed the way I look at every single patient that walks into my office. I was mind-blown by the course.

It is a well thought out, extremely informative, and easy to follow program. Sarah has done a superb job of making the information that she teaches available to her students.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is even slightly interested in myofunctional therapy."

- Amy Paiz, RDH

Corpus Christi, Texas

"I cannot recommend MyoMentor enough. When I finished MyoMentor, I felt ready to evaluate and treat patients and more importantly, confidence to talk to providers about the interdisciplinary team approach needed in the world surrounding airway and myofunctional therapy.

The continued support from other MyoMentor grads and personal support from Sarah Hornsby is also something that has made my transition to owning an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy practice so much more enjoyable and successful."

- Laael Johnson, RDH

Morrisonville, New York

"From start to finish, I found Sarah Hornsby and the entire MyoMentor program to be exactly what I needed to not only help my own dental hygiene patients, but to launch a new career in myofunctional therapy.

The 12 weeks of coursework was comprehensive, encouraging, and empowering, and enabled me to begin seeing patients immediately.

I would encourage anyone considering expanding their knowledge base in airway, tongue tie, snoring, sleep apnea, or orthodontics to make MyoMentor a part of your continuing education plan for this year."

- Dave Henrichsen, RDH

Bothell, Washington

"Sarah Hornsby’s MyoMentor program gave me the tools I needed to implement oral myofunctional therapy into my current speech-language pathology private practice. Her comprehensive training included the latest research, an emphasis on pediatrics as well as adults, and a practical way to implement learned material.

Professionals in this field will continue to grow with Sarah’s natural ability to collaborate with a variety of professionals from various medical backgrounds. With this collaborative mindset, patients will receive comprehensive care. MyoMentor was exactly what I needed for my current practice."

- Deborah Horan, M.S. CCC-SLP

Caldwell, Texas

"I took a three-day intro myofunctional therapy course. I understood the basics: mouth breathing is bad, how to spot an anterior tongue thrust swallow, and outdated information on tongue ties. It was a good way to dip my toe in. But when it came to executing it was very hard. I couldn’t even get people to commit when I offered free or 50% off.

My intro class was just the basics. I didn’t understand airway, tongue ties, and how to spot the tricky ones, looking for compensation, how the tongue posture effects the whole body. I asked for advice in one of my Facebook groups. There was a resounding answer to take MyoMentor with Sarah.

Since the MyoMentor course, I have been able to grow personally, have the courage to start charging and being successful, and have had all my knowledge gaps filled."

- Kimi Nishimoto, RDH

Centennial, Colorado

"It was evident from the start that Sarah holds the highest level of standard possible for her program and strives to continue to advance this field to improve patient care.

The MyoMentor program covers everything from soup to nuts to get started as a myofunctional therapist. I was able to jump right in with confidence and start my own practice immediately upon completion, and I continue to crave to learn more everyday.

I highly recommend the MyoMentor program to anyone who is interested in this field!"

Catherine Kangas, RDH

Houston, Texas 

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