This advanced mentoring membership will help you build your practice and take your therapy skills to the next level.


Advanced Mentoring

You've got the basics down, you've seen several patients, but now you're looking for more. It’s time to hone your clinical and business skills, see more patients, and charge exactly what you deserve.

This program is designed to expand on what you’ve already learned during the 12-week MyoMentor program, and to create an advanced, members-only group of therapists who are committed to continued learning and personal growth.

Become A Mentor Yourself

As MyoMentor grows and flourishes, I need more and more help supporting students and newbies. I'd love to welcome experienced graduates to become MyoMentor leaders who can take charge of their own study groups and become a valuable resource for students and new therapists. 

Become A Preferred Practitioner

Grab the exclusive opportunity to become a Faceology Preferred Practitioner.

Your practice will be listed on Faceology's busy website, and because we know that you're committed to expanding and maintaining your skills, you'll also receive referrals directly from our practice.

You could easily pay for a year of this advanced mentoring program by signing up just one referred patient!

Stay Current

Stay up to date with the latest research, techniques, and trends in myofunctional therapy. If you took a MyoMentor course over a year ago, so much has changed.

The field is growing and evolving at an amazing rate - what I'm teaching now will change in the next year.

Membership in this program goes far beyond CE. It's about being a life-long learner and staying on the cutting edge of healthcare.


What You Get Each Month

Master your business, finances, and networking skills. Learn from Sarah and other professionals who have already built great practices.

Discover the secrets of success from industry pioneers, innovators, successful therapists, and other leading healthcare professionals.

Observing a skilled therapist interacting with patients and teaching exercises is one of the most effective ways to learn.

Guaranteed access to any MyoMentor Study Group. Make a difference for your patients and grow through collaboration.

Advanced stretches, exercises, and myofunctional therapy techniques that you can’t learn in an introductory program.

Pricing For the Membership





Frequently Asked Questions


All members have access to five exclusive pieces of video-based content per month.

1. A business pro-tip
2. A therapy technique
3. An exclusive interview
4. Patient videos
5. Webinar study groups

Members will also be listed as Faceology Preferred Practitioners on the Faceology website and will receive patient referrals. This exclusive opportunity is only available to MyoMentor graduates.

A Faceology Preferred Practitioner is a myofunctional therapist who’s deeply committed to expanding their education, honing and maintaining their skills, and being part of a collaborative team.

MyoMentor graduates who enroll in this program will become a Faceology Preferred Practitioner.

The benefit is that your practice will be listed on the Faceology website. You’ll also receive referrals directly from our practice.

Unfortunately, this program is only available to graduates of the MyoMentor 12 Week Program. 

Check out the details for our January 2020 program here:


In the monthly business pro-tip, you’ll learn valuable information that will help you grow your business and career.

Get help building your practice from experts who’ve already built great practices and highly profitable businesses.

I’ll be drawing on my own experiences as a business owner and entrepreneur as well as sharing information from other professionals.

As the field grows and we learn new techniques through research and innovation, there are always advances that can be applied to the therapy you’re already doing. Each month, you’ll learn a new skill that you can add to your toolbox.

Each month, I’ll be interviewing dentists, speech pathologists, myofunctional therapists, and bodyworkers who are leaders in the field.

I’ll also be talking to industry pioneers, healthcare innovators, and other interesting healthcare professionals.

Over the past few years, I’ve recorded thousands of hours of video footage of me working with my patients. This includes some interesting and complex cases.

It can be very beneficial to observe patient and therapist interactions as I teach exercises, listen to conversations we have, and learn the techniques and strategies that I use to help with patient compliance.

Every month, Sarah or other MyoMentor graduates will be hosting study groups online. 

Spaces are limited, but if you are enrolled in the MyoMentor Advanced Program you will always have access to live calls and recordings. 

You’ll only need an internet connection and a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended for the best overall experience, and a webcam (or phone/tablet) will be needed to join the monthly webinar.

Definitely! All of the content is available for you to access at your own convenience as long as your membership is active.

Everything will be recorded, so you can watch anytime. 

You’ll be able to access your content as long as your membership is active.

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